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Coinbase Starts Trending on App Store – Mainstream Interest Growing

Following the surge in price over the past few weeks, interest in crypto and Bitcoin has undoubtedly risen. If you want to see some proof of this then look no further than the iOS App Store, which shows users what’s trending when they go on to the search tab of the app.

The reason we’re mentioning this is because today saw Coinbase on trending for apps downloaded which is a great sign for future adoption.

Now granted, these things have a tendency to change all the time but the fact that Coinbase was on trending alongside HBO, YouTube and Fortnite speaks wonders for adoption.

The Rise of Crypto

The rise in the price of cryptocurrencies has been often accompanied by an increase of general interest by big institutional investors. At the end of 2017, we saw a lot more people enter the market who probably never had even heard of cryptocurrency and get involved with the space.

The market has had an exciting few weeks too with a lot of cryptocurrencies surging in value….

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2019-05-16 14:00:00

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