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eBay ‘Virtual Currency’ Ad Stirs Up Crypto-Twitter; eBay Coin Or Bitcoin Payments?

eBay, the US-based international e-commerce platform, has hinted through its advertising posters at a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conference that it is willing to associate with Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Consensus.

The conference began on 13th May 2019 in New York. The attendees would mostly comprise of developers and investors. The one thing that caught the eyes of most attendees was the posters from eBay saying “It’s happening on eBay.”

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The eBay ad boasted of the global online marketplace and hinted that “virtual or digital currencies” will soon be coming on it. However, the fact that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency were not used might suggest that it is planning to release its digital currency.

An announcement can be expected to be rolled out as the conference progresses for the next two days. eBay is one of the most popular peer-to-peer e-commerce platforms. Hence, a cryptocurrency on its portal would only streamline the entire process, induce trust and…

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2019-05-13 12:42:22

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