GSR Is Making It Easier to Invest in Crypto

A new algorithm company has allegedly discovered a way to limit the amount of crypto losses you incur.

How Can One Make Money without Worrying About Volatility?

One of the biggest problems surrounding crypto is its volatility. Bitcoin, for example, rose to nearly $20,000 in December of 2017, but had dropped down to approximately $3,500 by Thanksgiving the following year.

Cryptocurrencies were originally created as a means of providing money to those who couldn’t take advantage of traditional finance options thanks to their lack of credit or poor payment histories, but crypto largely couldn’t be accepted by retailers as tokens of payment thanks to their ongoing price swings.

In addition, many have lost money thanks to phony or fraudulent ventures. Initial coin offerings (ICOs) for example, used to be one of the most prominent and popular capital-raising methods out there, but ICOs have largely dropped off the map as of late. Many of the companies hosting ICOs either couldn’t…

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2019-05-15 21:00:38

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