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Justin Sun Slightly Bitter Over TRON CTO Leaving Project

Even though TRON has been making ground all the place in this past year, that hasn’t stopped the Chief Technical Officer (now former) leaving the project.


It all began on 10th May when Lucien Chen announced his resignation from the project.

It wasn’t just that Chen left because he was offered a better-paid job or because he was relocating and was forced to change jobs but it was instead because he didn’t believe the project was doing what it set out to initially do.

Decentralise the internet.

So Chen decided to leave the project in order to follow his own dream to make the Volume Network, a truly decentralised platform.

Chen announced the news in a blog post on Medium where he is quite critical of TRON and he claims that they have moved away from the faith of ‘decentralising the web’.

“I am deeply sorry to see the project that has grown up in my hands has become like this. The dreams and visions that Justin told me have been ruined. After several months of…

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2019-05-16 12:00:00

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