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Lubin: ETH Scalability to Significantly Grow over Next Two Years

The co-founder of Ethereum, Joe Lubin has claimed that ETH will start making some serious gains when it comes to scalability over the next few years.

Lubin spoke in an interview with CoinTelegraph where he stated that the ETH scalability, will be improved one thousand-fold over the next two years. Lubin noted that the Ethereum 2.0 update, codenamed Serenity, will be the key focus for the improvement to scalability.

And so despite the growing space that is a cryptocurrency, the majority of top coin projects like Ethereum and Bitcoin still suffer from an inability to scale to levels that are needed for mainstream adoption.

“ETH, in particular, is facing an issue of handling the load of mercantile transactions, in addition to other network features such as smart contracts and DApp developments. Ethereum 2.0 seeks to solve the issue of scalability–among a number of proposed solutions–by switching the currency from its historic Proof of Work algorithm to Proof of Stake.”

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2019-05-15 21:30:00

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