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Migranet IEO Launches May 16th, On IDAX

Migration, AI and Blockchain Equal Migranet.

Last week a friend of mine told me about this project called Migranet and I had to hear more. So I asked for a call with the founder Murtaza Khan who is a very successful Migration Specialist based in Canada. Murtaza explained to me the difficulties and the high costs of migration across the planet. I understood exactly what he was talking about because I had been through the process multiple times, including my migration to Panama.

One thing that Murtaza Khan noticed was that the requirements for all nations are essentially the same. So Murtaza figured why not cut the costs substantially? He found a way of using AI (artificial intelligence) and blockchain technology (Ethereum) to build a migration platform that anyone can use.

Migration is broken. Let’s fix it.

We believe everyone has the born right to choose which part of the World to call home, with full freedom, safety, and dignity.

Instead, every year millions of migrants and…

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2019-05-13 12:30:00

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