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‘The Power of 1,000 Whales in Your Wallet’ — Crypto Platform’s Promise to Newbie Traders

A new crypto platform is offering “the power of 1,000 whales” to inexperienced traders — allowing them to copy trades made by the market’s movers and shakers.

A new crypto trading platform is enabling users to emulate key influencers in the marketplace through a service it says is akin to having “the power of 1,000 whales in your wallet.”

Spiking describes itself as the “world’s first blockchain asset validation and AI-driven crypto trading infrastructure.” Through its platform, users can automatically follow the trades of whales who meet their goals, with “whales” defined as traders who hold large amounts of cryptocurrency — not to mention their ability to influence short-term trends in the market based on whether they buy or sell assets.

Describing why keeping a close eye on whale activity can be a good thing, the startup explains: “They tend to be more sophisticated investors, and…

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2018-12-12 14:22:00

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