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6,500 French Shops To Sell Bitcoin By February

Earlier this week, six tobacco stores in France became the first stores of their kind to sell Bitcoin as a result of a deal with a fintech company which intends to expand the sale of the leading cryptocurrency to over 6,450 more shops by February.

The company in question is Keplerk and was announced to be partnering up with tobacco stores in the nation back in November to make Bitcoin an easy purchase, just like cigarettes!

This is just the start though as Keplerk is aiming to bring aboard as much as 6,500 more stores next month, in what looks to be a perfect working example of Bitcoin adoption for the country.


The partnership might seem quite strange at first – I mean, of all the places to sell Bitcoin is a tobacco shop the best place when there are whole websites and mobile applications dedicated to the ‘art’.

But the co-founder of Keplerk, Adil Zakhar has said that the reason for this is that cryptocurrencies are still a novelty for many people. He continues to…

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2019-01-13 20:00:00

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