Altcoins Daily Preview: IOTA Bullish, Cardano’s ADA out of Top 10

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Harm van den Brink together with fellows from ElaadNL and Enexis now have a proof of concept system demonstrating that it is actually possible to build an autonomous self-balancing smart grid network powered by IOTA.  In this new machine to machine, smart self balancing grid, the IOTA network allows for secure exchange of data.

Additionally, connecting devices can make choices on their own on whether they can or not join the grid. The grid in this case refers to all devices and transformer to one part of the master grid and messages are exchanged via the Tangle in JSON format. All code is based on JavaScript.

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Note that this is not the first time Brink is leveraging on IOTA demonstrating different use cases of the network. In 2015, he was part of the team behind Electric Vehicle Charge Station where IOTA handled payment and communication and by the look of…

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2019-01-14 12:30:56

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