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Are POW Blockchains Still Secure? Community Divided in Post Ethereum Classic 51% Attack Chaos

The recent 51% attack on the Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain has sparked the debate of what is the best way to protect the blockchain and keep it attack free. While there are a lot of views on the topic that have surfaced over the past week, ETC contributor Tomaz Kariz has published a post on a medium that kind of defends the Ethereum Classic blockchain and states the attack is on the network participants.

What led to this Ethereum Classic attack, Network or people in the network?

According to Tomaz, it’s not the fault of the network that it went under the attack but it all starts with the way a node chose the real (longer) blockchain.

The way Tomaz puts it in his post, it’s not only difficult but next to impossible to stop the double spending attack because…

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2019-01-12 18:57:34

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