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Bitcoin is Finding Bottom in 2019, Calls Out Research & Experts

While Bitcoin is down over 81 percent from its peak, crypto-enthusiasts still hold firm belief in the leading cryptocurrency. Experts are calling out a bottom to be near and a good year ahead for the crypto market.

2019 Crypto Bull Run

Bitcoin is expected to go lower than its current position at $3,670. It is a possibility the leading cryptocurrency will finally hit the bottom this year. The Bitcoin bottom call is made by Dollar Vigilante, Jeff Berwick, who believes either crypto prices have already hit the bottom or near it. Despite this, he is not bearish on Bitcoin prices and expects it to remain in a lull throughout this year.

Berwick has a strong belief in crypto and believes bitcoin has the potential to gain traction of revolutionary level as he explains,

“Once even some people understand [Bitcoin’s potential], I couldn’t even possibly imagine where this movement could go.”

Moreover, according to the Delphi Digital firm’s research, the selling pressure is about exhausted and…

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2019-01-14 07:18:55

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