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Ethereum Classic [ETC] 51% attack: Hackers return $100,000 in tokens

The recent 51% attack against Ethereum Classic [ETC] blockchain last week shook the cryptocurrency community and the hacker or the organization behind the act has now returned 100k USD worth in tokens.

The hacker has not provided any information about the reason behind this change of heart and returning the money in ETC to the firm’s account, reported Exchange, an official blog of the cryptocurrency on January 10.

Even after repeated attempts to get in touch with the hacker or the organization behind this wrongful attempt, was unable to contact them. The Exchange remained unsuccessful in providing any explanation for receiving the money and to understand the motivation of the hacker behind it. However, as there is no proper reasoning behind the debited amount, and many speculate that it may have been a campaign to raise awareness about the risks associated with the use of cryptocurrencies, including trading and the security of a blockchain through Proof of Work….

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2019-01-14 04:48:29

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