Hacker Responsible for 51% Attack Against Ethereum Classic Returns Part of the Stolen Funds

The hacker or organization responsible for the 51% attack against the Ethereum Classic blockchain returned 100k USD worth in tokens.

According to an article published in the official blog of the cryptocurrency Exchange, on January 10, 2019, the anonymous hacker decided to return 100K USD in ETC to the firm’s account without giving any further explanation.

Is really The Person Behind ETC 51% Attack a White Hacker?

The team has tried to contact the hacker or organization; however, their attempts have been unsuccessful. The Exchange has not been able to obtain any explanation for the motivation behind this incident, so they speculate that it may have been a campaign focused on raising awareness about the risks associated with the use of cryptocurrencies, trading and the security of a blockchain through Proof of Work.

“On Jan.10, we found that the recent ETC 51% attacker returned 100k USD value of ETC back to
We were trying to contact the attacker, but we…

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2019-01-13 06:16:02

Jose Antonio Lanz

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