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Is This What We Need To Send Bitcoin To The Moon?

The markets have bled out over the weekend, prices are in the red and investments are leaking value throughout. As it stands, we can’t see if this is just an organic result of a bear market, or if something more significant has happened here, the figures do suggest that an event may have triggered this slight purge – generally speaking however this is more likely a result of the bears and another retraction that is likely to help Bitcoin find a new bottom for the past few months.

How low will Bitcoin go?

In all honesty, nobody knows how low Bitcoin will go. We constantly see ‘experts’ appearing that shout; Bitcoin has already reached its bottom! And others, crying that; Bitcoin isn’t even near its bottom yet! Who are we supposed to believe here? Do these experts really know what they are saying?

No, of course not, because the truth is, nobody knows how low Bitcoin will go. Technically speaking, there are indicators to…

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2019-01-14 16:00:00

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