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NEO Co-Founder Believes Ethereum Will Surpass Bitcoin

In terms of popularity, NEO seems to be losing out a bit. Known as the ‘Chinese Ethereum’ and once a top ten cryptocurrency during 2017’s glory days, the potential of NEO seemed to be endless. The cryptocurrency claimed that it was faster, better and more capable of handling way more transactions than other major networks.

12 months ago, NEO’s market cap was more than $10 billion but since then, the cryptocurrency has plummeted down to 18th place with a market cap around $482,632,482.

Even though there is a lot of people who are losing interest in the cryptocurrency, the co-founder of NEO doesn’t seem to affected by the tokens loss in value. In fact, Erik Zhang doesn’t even care about the price of NEO saying “I don’t care about NEO’s price and market capitalisation at all.”

In a recent interview by Christina Comben (CCN), Zhang was asked several questions on NEO, Ethereum, the markets and more.

First of all, Zhang was asked about the other co-founder of NEO, Da Hongfei who…

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2019-01-14 11:30:00

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