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Russia could be implementing 20 cryptocurrency bills this year

The Russian parliament revealed on January 9 through a press release that the digital economy will be the topmost priority during the upcoming session, which will give Russia a headstart into the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Vyacheslav Volodin, chairman of the lower chamber, outlined the bills being considered for the same in the opening spring session. The members have considered legislature on digital financial assets, digital rights and crowdfunding, reported CoinGeek.

Volodin requested the members to consider this for the good of the country and to make it a top priority. Volodin said:

“Creating a favorable legal framework for the development of the digital economy should in many respects provide us with an advantageous position in competition among other countries.”

Volodin revealed that there are more than 20 bills that will be introduced in the spring session and that he wants the parliament to be prepared to analyze the quality of the bills before considering to vote.


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2019-01-12 19:00:08

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