What Heights Will Bitcoin Reach in 2019?

It is exactly one year now since bitcoin reached its highest ever value at $20,000 before crushing. Many cryptocurrency experts seem to be certain that bitcoin price will regain to its last year’s glory by 2019. According to cryptocurrency portfolio manager Jeet Singh the current Bitcoin price volatility is completely normal.

Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $3,777.30 about 5 times lower than its December 2017 prices. On the volatility in the price of bitcoin, Jeet Singh compared Bitcoin to the stocks of companies such as Microsoft and Apple after they just launched. He stated that as soon as these companies developed their business models, their stocks not only rose in value but also stabilize.

Now many cryptocurrency investors are not sure of what the future holds. Jeet Singh said long-term investors need not worry about the volatility at all. He stated that long-term investors should have no problem holding Bitcoin for a longer period of time.

At this time we cannot accurately…

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2019-01-13 15:49:50

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