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$11 million stolen IOTA tokens recovered; perpetrator scrutinized by Europol officials

IOTA Foundation, the team behind IOTA [MIOTA] – the fourteenth largest cryptocurrency in the space, has announced that they recovered a majority of the funds that were stolen from investors’ wallets in 2018. The funds that were recovered was approximately $11 million and is currently being used as evidence that can be used against the alleged perpetrator by the law enforcement.

The co-founder and co-chairman of IOTA board, Dominik Schiener, said in an interview with Reuters:

“From what we know, just a small amount of 10 million euros has not been found. The exchanges have blocked the hacker’s accounts. He tried to free the money, but he did not succeed.”

The co-founder further stated that the hack was carried out by an individual, identified to be a citizen of United Kingdom with a “normal job”, contrary to their initial theory of a group organized hack. The hacker was arrested by the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation [Europol], last week. So far, the agency has…

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2019-02-01 16:30:36

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