Abra Intends To Replace Legacy Banking System With Bitcoin Smart Contracts

Do you know what is Abra? It is a sort of wide, limitless alternative to Venmo, which offers cross-border payments at a very reasonable cost. This platform originally came into existence by Bill Barhydt, the former Netscape director back in 2014. It was one of the top prize retrieved during the 2015 Launch Festival.

Currently, Abra allows its customers to use their mobile app to grab exposure with offering several commodities, traditional stocks, and ETFs. This news follows the announcement by the company to let the authenticated users hold, send, and receive a majority of fiat and cryptos via their app.

While this seems to be another entry within this overcrowded mobile financial market, Abra is ready to influence their potential providing permission less availability with traditional investment opportunities.

Abra is live on Bitcoin operating smart contracts which is a bonus. As it could have wide implications irrespective of the future bitcoin price.

The global availability of…

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2019-02-08 09:53:52

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