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Alleged Stellar Lumens [XLM] scam: Twitter user exposes phishing fraud involving free ‘Stellar Lightning’ tokens

The cryptocurrency market has seen many scams recently, for people to turn into a skeptic. Even though the type of scam changes, this time there is an unidentified person or a group who are phishing for people’s public key for giving out free Stellar Lightning [XLL], which the hackers say has come into existence due to Stellar Lumens fork.

The group or the individual indulged in a phishing attempt, which means they sent out fraudulent emails to people claiming to give them this newly formed token to XLM holders at a 1:5 ratio. One of the Twitter users, @sniko_ figured out the scam and informed the rest of the community about it.

The Twitter user tweeted:

“There is #phishing scam going around targeting $XLM users phishing for your secrets!”

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The user mentioned that the scam is run under the domain name of xllwallet[.]com AS206397. People receive a mail where the subject line says “Get free XLL- Stellar Lightning!”, which envelopes a link directed to a page which…

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2019-02-01 03:30:30

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