Analyst: Bitcoin (BTC) May Soon Flip Bullish if Able to Finish Weekend Above $3,480

As the cryptocurrency markets enter the weekend, many investors are expecting Bitcoin (BTC) to see increased levels of volatility, as it has made some relatively large price swings over the past few weekends.

Although this volatility has been negative thus far, one cryptocurrency analyst now expects Bitcoin to possibly see a large upwards price swing in the next couple of days as long as it is able to finish the weekend above $3,480.

Bitcoin (BTC) Typically Sees Increased Volatility During Weekends

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading down marginally at its current price of $3,475. BTC has been stable in the upper-$3,400 region for the past several days after breaking below its previously established support level around $3,550.

Bitcoin’s typical weekend volatility around its current price levels first began on Saturday, January 19th, when BTC jumped to $3,750 from $3,650, before dropping back to $3,550. This drop established $3,550 as a level of relative support for the…

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2019-02-02 19:30:23

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