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Anarchapulco – Brian Wilson Meets Gina Carr

In the latest video in our Anarchapulco series, Brian Wilson, the presenter of our Daily 2 series talks to Gina Carr, one of the keynote speakers at this years up and coming Life Unchained event, the meet by Anarchapulco in Acapulco, Mexico.

Cryptopulco is the segment of the event that is dedicated to all things cryptocurrency. As you know, blockchain technology is a disruptive technology which makes it a key feature across the entire Anarchapulco event.

You can see more about Gina’s appearance at the event, here.

According to the Anarchapulco website:

“Gina Carr is on a mission to inspire and empower millions to live healthier, happier, more prosperous lives. She is passionate about evidence-based living, the non-aggression principle, and eliminating global poverty. Gina has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and an engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology.”

Gina is very experienced in the world of business and is seen as one…

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2019-02-12 13:30:00

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