Bitcoin Advocate Plans to Launch Designer Baby Business

A computer programmer and Bitcoin investor is reportedly exploring the possibilities of improving humans by way of technology. The transhumanist, Bryan Bishop, has created a business plan for the venture with partner, Max Berry.

Bishop is hoping to offer parents the ability to create babies with AB+ blood so that they can receive transfusions from any donor, as well as genes to help them live longer and create muscle mass without exercise.

Bishop May Have the Resources to Fund Designer Baby Business From Bitcoin

According to a report in the MIT’s Technology Review, a former LedgerX employee and Bitcoin code contributor is attempting to launch a business that would allow parents to choose physical attributes for their offspring before they’re born.

The 29-year-old Bryan Bishop is not the first scientist to pursue such ends. In November, a biophysicist from China announced that he had successfully edited the genes of babies in the lab. This could land the scientist in immense legal…

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2019-02-01 23:00:35

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