Bitcoin and Blockchain: These Two Markets Are Surviving in a Dangerous Territory

The research suggests following years to experience blockchain cementing itself to become one amongst an important crucial technology within this modern age. As this becomes possible, major government bodies across the globe will start cutting themselves within the pieces of blockchain-pie.

Let’s take a glimpse on the territories that are not too convenient for encouraging or are striving for their survival within this space.

  1. India:

Recently, there was news all around the globe about the ban on cryptocurrency exchanges within India. However, following a few turns of events, the source reveals talks about the ban going on. And the other side India government was also searching for ways to securely get started with their cryptocurrency.

According to a senior government official working at a board with the finance ministry, they decide to ponder the launch of their government operating and backed digital coin in India.

Moreover, the RBI aka also had plans to name that…

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2019-02-04 11:12:01

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