Bitcoin (BTC) Halving To Trigger Price Growth, Says Prominent Trader

Extremely-Profitable Crypto Trader Still Bullish

The so-called “200M_trader,” a pseudonymous highly-profitable trader popularized by one now-infamous Bloomberg article, recently sat down with CCN in an exclusive interview to tout his/her/their opinions regarding the current Bitcoin (BTC) bear market.

While the Ethereum-centric trader made enough money to live an extravagant life, full of yachting on the Caribbean, sipping Sangrias on moonlit beaches, and rolling around metropolitan New York in exotics, ten times over, 200M_trader (whom I will refer to as 200M) still sees dramatic upside in cryptocurrencies. And as such, the trader remarked that he has continued to invest and accumulate while prices are relatively dreary.

In fact, 200M noted that it is just a matter of time before the “big players,” such as Wall Street hotshots and household names in legacy industries, make a viable foray into this industry, whether it be through Bakkt, a Bitcoin-backed ETF, Fidelity’s custody…

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2019-02-04 04:00:37

Nick Chong

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