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Bitcoin [BTC]: WikiLeaks provides evidence debunking Craig Wright’s claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto

Craig Wright, who claims that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto, the genius behind “Bitcoin”, the cryptocurrency that took the world and more importantly, the government by surprise has been flagged as a “Serial Fabricator” by WikiLeaks, with evidence to back it up.

WikiLeaks known for its notorious leaks just put out alleged proof on Twitter suggesting that Craig Wright fabricated false truths out of thin air, by editing and/or forging. WikiLeaks tweeted,

Craig S. Wright is a proven serial forger of documents claiming that he is the inventor of Bitcoin. He has been repeatedly caught. This has “been independently verified by WikiLeaks at the time of his first claim and subsequently. …”

According to WikiLeaks, Craig Wright, went back to edit his blog dated: August 26, 2008, and edited it by adding an important sentence related to how he was working on cryptocurrency.

His blog mentioned how he was spending his night and also detailed the…

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2019-02-12 17:15:47

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