Bitcoin (BTC) Will End 2019 Much Higher Than 3900 USD, Tom Lee Says

Bitcoin seems to have most of the influential characters within the crypto verse excited. After suffering a terrible fall in its prices during 2017, it seems that BTC reached a stability zone around 3 to 4 thousand dollars and many analysts agree that after breaking this mark, the situation appears to be quite favorable.

Crypto Market News Covered and interview with Tom Lee, CEO of Fundstrat Global Advisors, during the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit. The expert trader, known for his bullish statements during the crash of prices in 2018, has not changed his mind and commented that the current circumstances could be favorable to boost Bitcoin prices:

“I think it’s gonna recover in 2019 … I think 3900 is good (but) it’s not where we’ll end the year; I think it’ll be much higher.”

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2019-02-24 03:04:40

Jose Antonio Lanz

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