Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Struggling but Lightning Network Flickers May Steady Ship

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The community may appear to be in disarray whenever there is a disagreement like what we saw during Segwit 2X. But all that is changing and as new solutions are proposed to once and for all solve the scalability bug, the Lightning Network—which is still in beta– is a stand-out.

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Advanced by the Lightning Labs—which by the way has the backing of Jack Dorsey of Twitter and other big wigs, the off chain, layer two solution continue to swell even as prices face insurmountable sell pressure. There is an issue of trust because of state channels and the idea of locking up funds. Nonetheless, all that is faded by instantaneous payments made possible by lack of confirmation times and fund transfer facilitation is via blockchain smart…

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2019-02-04 11:15:15

Dalmas Ngetich

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