Bitcoin Remodels Venezuela’s Financial Landscape Amid Political Turmoil

In the midst of heightened political tension and an economy gripped by international sanctions, Venezuelans turn to Bitcoin for some sort of comfort. 

Bitcoin in a Politically-Divided Country

Peer-to-peer electronic currency trading platform LocalBitcoins has reported that more than $15 million in Bolivar to BTC trades have been processed in the span of only a week. Data provided by CoinDance have validated these figures.

Venezuela as we speak is at the mercy of the United States government’s rigid international economic policy that has placed the Latin American country under a tight leash of sorts due a series of human rights violations and widespread corruption committed by the administration of President Nicolas Maduro and his political minions.

An outspoken bitcoin advocate, the country’s self-proclaimed interim leader Juan Guaido has publicly lobbied against Maduro’s digital currency, the petro.

Maduro’s inner circles have attempted to promote the petro’s adoption…

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2019-02-01 08:58:26

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