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Bitwise Exec: 95% Of Crypto Will Be Diminished

There are many people that believe that the Bitcoin bull market was a bubble and that in 2018 said bubble burst and what was left was the continuous turmoil of the bear’s grip on the market. But there was a silver lining of sorts, there was a lot of money and gifted individuals brought into the fleeting industry.

The head of research at the Bitwise operation, – the creator of the world’s first crypto index fund –  Matt Hougan shares this sentiment who spoke to Barry Ritholtz on his podcast that “It was a massive run-up and a massive pullback. [It was a] total bubble.”

Even though the term ‘bubbles’ in the financial world usually have a negative meaning, Hougan believes that the Bitcoin bubble fueled some massive interest from the media in both the blockchain and the crypto market.

Furthermore, the increasing crypto prices introduced a huge amount of talented developers and designers who might not have otherwise taken advantage of such a booming industry.

With this in mind,…

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2019-02-10 21:30:00

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