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Casa CTO Jameson Lopp: Apathy Is The Biggest Threat To Bitcoin

During a recent interview with Epicenter, Casa CTO Jameson Lopp was asked whether he had ever had any serious doubts regarding the potential for Bitcoin to get to the point it’s at today. While it’s not used by everyone in the world on a daily basis, it seems clear that Satoshi Nakamoto’s peer-to-peer digital cash system is here to stay.

In his response, Lopp discussed the drama around Bitcoin’s scaling debate that eventually culminated in the creation of the Bitcoin Cash altcoin in August 2017 and the dissolving of the New York Agreement. While the block size controversy created doubt in Lopp’s mind at first, it eventually proved to him that Bitcoin will be around for the long haul.

The Scaling Debate Caused Doubt in Lopp’s Mind

According to Lopp, the largest amount of doubt he’s ever felt about the future potential of Bitcoin was in the early days of the scaling debate.

“It seemed like we had a great opportunity in front of us to increase block sizes and allow more throughput…

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2019-02-08 21:30:00

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