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CoinStats Launches World’s First Fully Guaranteed, Mobile, Hardware-rooted Crypto Wallet To 500,000 Active Users

(San Francisco – February 11, 2019) CoinStats, the cryptocurrency research and portfolio tracker with over $5 billion in crypto portfolio and 500,000 monthly active users, will launch the world’s first guaranteed, secure, hardware-rooted digital wallet on March 1.

This groundbreaking platform, developed with and powered by SignKeys, will be launched as CoinStats Secure Wallet for iOS and Android and complement the incredibly popular CoinStats app. This will give CoinStats users the ability to track and make transactions directly in the app, rather than having to rely on an outside wallet or exchange. 

Based on military-grade security (FIPS 140-2), the wallet uses an ultra secure, specially licensed and hardware-based  environment, already available on 1.6 billion existing smartphones. This level of security allows SignKeys and CoinStats to provide a guarantee that no other wallet does.

SignKeys provides a unique guarantee on the full value of crypto assets in a user’s wallet, up…

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2019-02-12 15:30:00

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