‘Computing is Power’: Blockchain Protocol Invites Developers to Build DApps on Its Network

A blockchain protocol is making it easier for developers to build peer-to-peer financial applications, enabling them to focus on innovations.

A new blockchain protocol is presenting itself as a place where businesses and individuals can build peer-to-peer financial applications with confidence.

Bytom describes itself as the “infrastructure of the asset internet.” The company’s vision is to create diverse assets and a programmable economy and ensure that byte assets (such as cryptocurrencies and digital assets) and atomic assets — like securities, dividends, bonds and information existing in the physical world — can interact and circulate more easily.

In their white paper, the team behind the protocol say its architecture for creating applications “is friendly to mobile and other terminals and convenient for developers to develop asset management applications.” Meanwhile, the contract layer…

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2019-02-12 21:25:00

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