ConsenSys Adds 16 Ethereum Blockchain Games To Its Listing

Today, each person working in latest aspects and industry are aware of what is Blockchain and moreover about its potential to revolutionize the overall gaming industry via using the Non-Fungible Tokens aka NFTs.

Meanwhile, a company following its footsteps, ConsenSys media recently outlines 16 live NFT operating games which clients and users can play just for fun earning some money while playing. Now, this project will bring before you Entertainment + Earning + Games + Fun and much more.

Blockchain Revolutionizing Gaming

ConsenSys believes the blockchain community seems really busy in discussing and developing network upgrades, adoption, and scalability, whereas; blockchain backing games are silently offering early proof regarding blockchain tech to revolutionize the industry.

No-Fungible tokens are described as ERC-721 tokens specifically on the Ethereum blockchain.

Unlike fungible ERC-20 tokens, these tokens do not hold equivalent value as that of other similar tokens.

1 ETH =…

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2019-02-04 12:06:16

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