CookieMiner Malware Tries to Hack Mac Users’ Cryptocurrency Exchange Accounts, Report

The malware seeks to bypass multi-factor authentication by stealing a range of data, says Palo Alto Networks.

A new form of malware steals cookies from cryptocurrency exchanges and other data in an attempt to hack user accounts, cybersecurity research team Palo Alto Networks reported on Jan. 31.

CookieMiner, a progression of OSX.DarthMiner, is a malware targets Mac users, stealing saved Google Chrome passwords, iPhone SMS messages and iTunes backups on tethered machines and more.

Along with the cookies, the goal of the malware is to gain access to cryptocurrency exchange accounts. According to Palo Alto, the hackers assume a combination of the stolen data would allow them to bypass the multi-layer authentication that many exchange users set up to provide additional security.

“If successful, the attackers would have full access to the victim’s exchange account and/or wallet and be able to use those funds…

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2019-02-01 10:40:00

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