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Ethereum Constantinople, What’s Going on with the Upgrade?

The Ethereum hard fork was set to go underway on 16th January but has been massively delayed, now we are left wondering what is happening with the upgrade.

The update, known as Constantinople, is the latest in Ethereum’s recent network system upgrades but because of a vulnerability in Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP), 1283, which allows for a reentrancy attack, Constantinople was delayed. The core Ethereum developers had a meeting two days after the update was initially meant to go live to talk about the next steps and ultimately decided to postpone the network upgrade until 27th February, leaving investors and fans a little bemused to say the least.

The hard fork will be released in two parts, simultaneously. The first hard fork upgrade will include all five EIPs (this will include the 1283 bug) and on the second upgrade, 1283 will be removed, the developers feel that this is the most appropriate way to roll out the upgrade given the circumstances.

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