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Ethereum [ETH] dApp users drop as EOS and Tron dominate the market

EOS tops the dApps chart with its PRA CandyBox listing on blockchain dApps website, Dapp Radar. In the list of the most popular dApps on the website, EOS is in competition with Tron’s dApps. However, this finding is not good news for Ethereum [ETH] as it holds only one dApp in the top 30. On the other hand, EOS has 13 of its dApps listed.

Ethereum’s platform has a total of 1,812 dApps against the 323 dApps that EOS has. On the contrary, a recent report suggests that more than 50% of EOS dApps are used per day, while only a mere 10% of the ETH dApps were used daily.

A huge disparity is noted in terms of the volume of transactions per day on the two blockchains. Transactions on the Ethereum network are around 200,000 per day while EOS executes 450,000 transactions per day.

According to charts published by dApp Radar, daily users of the ETH dApps from December 2017 to February 2018 shaped a large volume, rallying above 17000. The numbers fell for a period of three months but…

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2019-02-22 08:32:28

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