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Exclusive Interview with Bytecoin CMO – Jenny Goldberg

Crypto Daily have secured an exclusive interview with Jenny Goldberg, the Chief Marketing Officer at Bytecoin. Jenny answers a number of questions in order to help us all understand exactly how Bytecoin is growing and what’s next for the Bytecoin project.


Hey Jenny, so why don’t we start at the very beginning. Who are you? What’s your story? And what is Bytecoin?

Hey! Thank you for interviewing us! I am Jenny Goldberg, CMO for ​Bytecoin​.​ ​The Bytecoin team launched the first ever anonymous cryptocurrency and blockchain back in 2012, building off a foundation provided by CryptoNote technology. ​S​ince then the Bytecoin team has remained a bulwark of privacy in the crypto community. Recently we have been refining our product, as is apparent in our latest updates, which have made the Bytecoin Gateway project possible.

You mentioned the Gateway project there. Can you explain to everyone what that is?

The Gateway Project​ is a blockchain bridging feature​ that…

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2019-02-11 15:30:00

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