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Fake Crypto-Malware ‘Metamask’ Found On Google Play Store

Even though there was a bit of juice pumped into the crypto market over the market pushing the price of Bitcoin over $3,600, the markets are still way down. Malware is on the rise and is still infiltrating the largest app marketplaces on the web.

Yes, once again the Google Play Store has been found to be hosting malicious applications designed to steal cryptocurrencies. The malware in question, Clipper, has been discovered by researchers at ESET internet security firm who had reported on their findings at the weekend.

The Clipper malware monitors and intercepts the clipboard software which is commonly used to copy and paste crypto wallet addresses. “It modifies the string to that of the attacker so the funds are sent to them instead of the recipient. This crude form of crypto jacking was prevalent a couple of years ago and has now reared its head once again.”

The researchers at the internet security company have claimed that they have found malware on Google’s official Android…

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2019-02-11 20:00:00

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