Finance Expert Ric Edelman: ‘Eventually We Will See a Bitcoin ETF’

Ric Edelman, founder of financial advisory firm Edelman Financial Engines, said that a Bitcoin ETF is “virtually certain,” while “the only question is when.”

А Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF) will eventually come to market according to Ric Edelman, founder of advisory firm Edelman Financial Engines in an interview with CNBC on Feb. 11.

Edelman stated that a Bitcoin ETF is “virtually certain,” while “the only question is when,” adding:

“The [Securities and Exchange Commission] SEC has several legitimate thoughtful concerns that the industry has to overcome but I’m confident they will. Eventually we will see a Bitcoin ETF and it’s at that stage that I will be much more comfortable recommending that ordinary investors participate.”

In general, ETFs are securities that track a basket of assets proportionately represented in the fund’s shares. A Bitcoin ETF is seen by some a ‘holy grail’ for…

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2019-02-12 00:40:00

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