Grim Numbers Discourage Crypto Players as Bitcoin Crashes Anew; Other Coins Also Battered

Bitcoin (BTC) is still in the doldrums across key trading floors, as Bitfinex pegged the crypto at $3,510, while Coinbase sells it for $3,422.

Losses unabated

Coinbase Pro reached a daily volume of $55 million against Bitfinex’s $102 million. BitMEX, on the other hand, which raked in three-quarters of a billion dollars during the same period, has it even lower compared to Coinbase, at $3,417.

Based on Coin360 update, all of the major 20 digital currencies are disclosing modest to heavy declines on the day as of this posting, with Bitcoin sliding again under the $3,450 mark.

The global barometer in crypto, bitcoin needs to rebound to the $3,500 level. However, volume plays a crucial role in terms of general investor sentiment, and it doesn’t look like a good number of market players will put more premium on it as we speak.

Psychological impact

The majority perception is that the $3,000 mark is a conceptual indicator, and that a consistent price drop could signify an even deeper…

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2019-02-01 05:42:00

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