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How The Millennial Generation Could Spark A Bitcoin Surge

Cryptocurrency adoption by the millennial generation is largely seen as a negative sign by many analysts for traditional banking as more and more of this generation get a clouded vision of the current financial system.

The general consensus on the matter is that millennials don’t trust banks. There was research conducted last year by the international, research and analytics firm, Edelman Intelligence, which showed that 77 percent of “prosperous millennials” see the traditional banking system is designed in favour of the rich and powerful rather than the working class.

The conducted research shows that the lack of trust led to the same nearly four out of five respondents to predict that another international financial crisis was just around the corner due to the “bad behaviour” of the current banking system. 75 percent of respondents were concerned about the global financial system in that it was at risk of being hacked, causing the respondents concern about the potential loss…

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2019-02-08 10:00:00

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