IBM Launches Blockchain Platform on Cloud Service in Melbourne

IBM’s blockchain platform is now available out of its data center in Melbourne, Australia.

IBM has released its blockchain main net out of its data center located in Melbourne, Australia. This will purportedly allow their customers to run their applications on the company’s cloud, according to an article published on news outlet ZDNet on Feb 11.

The IBM platform was built on Hyperledger Fabric. Hyperledger is a project that aims to improve cross-industry blockchain technologies that is hosted by the Linux Foundation.

A Sydney-based IBM data center is reportedly set to open at the end of March, joining the other centers in Tokyo, London, Dallas, São Paulo, and Toronto. The head of blockchain for IBM in Australia and New Zealand, Rupert Colchester, told ZDNet that a second center would make the technology more widely available and provide a redundancy.

Additionally, with the establishment of physical…

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2019-02-12 02:10:00

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