Independent Research Claims to Identify Five QuadrigaCX Cold Wallets

Extensive analysis has drawn fresh conclusions about the defunct QuadrigaCX exchange’s property, but more is required, its author says.

An internet analyst has claimed to have delineated four Bitcoin addresses that belonged to defunct Canadian exchange QuadrigaCX, publishing their findings on Reddit on Feb. 13.

The post, by a user known on Reddit as u/dekoze, indicates five addresses allegedly associated with the exchange, noting that the number is just a fraction of the total number of associated wallets. Transactions sent to the addresses roughly equal the amount of Bitcoin Quadriga previously reportedly sent to locked cold wallets by mistake.

“Notably, every address was inactive since April 2018 and the majority of their received BTC was either directly from the QCX hot wallet or a wallet 1 transfer removed from the hot wallet,” u/dekoze commented, continuing:

“With all this information this we can…

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2019-02-14 09:27:00

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