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Linux Users at risk from Monero Mining Malware

Monero Mining Malware, alliteration at it’s finest. Monero has long been plagued by malware, viruses, hacks and bots, all of which have been designed to illicitly mine XMR from the Monero network. Why? Well Monero is quite exposed to these sorts of hacks, they are easy to execute and cheap to run, which means hackers can pull a profit.

Similar hacks could take place within Bitcoin, but it would simply cost too much money to run, this is one reason Monero is so attractive to hackers, it’s low price.

Another key attraction to Monero is it’s enhanced privacy, it’s very easy for hackers to hide their identity when illicitly mining XMR tokens. Justin Ehrenhofer, the Head of the Malware Response Team at Monero has shed some light on this:

“Cybercriminals prefer XMR because of one thing: it’s confidential and crypto jackers don’t need to focus on organizations and authorities that follow what they do with a coin after its excavation. Secondly: Monero uses the Proof-of-Work…

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2019-02-10 15:00:00

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