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Look How Close We Are To Blockchain Adoption

A term that gets thrown about a lot these days is ‘blockchain adoption’, it has slowly grown into something with more meaning over the years, this is because the adoption of the blockchain is now a very realistic idea. Two years ago, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) could’ve been a way to disrupt the traditional means of finance and fundraising. In addition to this, the insane growth of Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market saw everyone with an extremely positive outlook on their investments in cryptocurrency. All in, these things have contributed well to the future of this technology.

As a result of the recent crypto winter, the hype train that crypto arrived on has departed, leaving the mainstream at a loss when it comes to cryptocurrency. 2018 seems to have truly marked the end for blockchain technology.

Or did it?

Yes, the cryptocurrency hype train might have departed, however, the hype around the future of blockchain…

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2019-02-07 16:00:00

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