Max Keiser Bares Fangs, Challenges Bitcoin Naysayers With Digital Gold Argument

“Fight Me,” Keiser Says Over Digital Gold Argument 

As BTC has continued to stumble, Max Keiser, a broadcaster at RT and a diehard decentralist/anti-establishment proponent, has taken to Twitter and his personal show, the “Keiser Report,” to laud Bitcoin as a viable form of “digital cash.”

In an episode of the “Keiser Report” released Friday, Max and his wife Stacey Herbert take a look into Bitcoin’s underlying value proposition as a store of value, while accenting why this thesis is rather valuable, especially in a world that seems rife with chaos and destruction.

Keiser remarked that after review of Bitcoin’s original whitepaper and discussion with cypherpunks, he had adamantly determined that Satoshi Nakamoto saw Bitcoin as “peer-to-peer gold,” rather than a digital cash system. He added that the flagship cryptocurrency is inherently a decentralized store of value that doesn’t require third parties for transactions nor verification, even quipping that those who think otherwise…

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2019-02-02 06:30:31

Nick Chong

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