MyEtherWallet Teams Up With Large Exchange to Offer Better Rates on Dozens of Coins

A crypto wallet has integrated an exchange’s multi-swap functionality, helping users achieve better exchange rates during conversions.

A crypto wallet has relaunched its product and signed a partnership with a well-known exchange — delivering new features to its users in the process.

MyEtherWallet’s collaboration with Changelly means its community can use the exchange’s multi-swap functionality. This feature opens the door to more than 100 cryptocurrencies and helps achieve better exchange rates during conversions.

The technology is being included in the fifth iteration of MyEtherWallet — and since launch, the platform says it has evolved from “a geek-oriented platform to a go-to brand known for being an intuitive portal for both Ethereum beginners and natives.” Multi-swap works by automatically selecting the best crypto trade in order to get from A to B before scouring exchanges for the…

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2019-02-13 18:13:00

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