Nasdaq to Add Brave New Coin Bitcoin and Ethereum Indices This Month

The company will add the Bitcoin and Ethereum Liquid Indices to its Global Index Data Service (GIDS).

Nasdaq will launch two new indices tracking cryptocurrency prices on Feb. 25, the company announced in an update to its website on Feb. 12.

The indices — the Bitcoin Liquid Index (BLX) and the Ethereum Liquid Index (ELX) — will offer real-time price updates in thirty-second intervals for clients using NASDAQ’s Global Index Data Service (GIDS).

BLX and ELX are the product of United States blockchain and crypto asset market data company Brave New Coin.

“(BLX and ELX) are each designed to provide a real-time spot or reference rate for the price of 1 BTC and 1 ETH respectively, quoted in USD, and based on the most liquid ends of their markets,” Nasdaq explains, adding:

“Both indices are calculated using a methodology that has been independently audited against key IOSCO principles.”

Nasdaq has taken an…

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2019-02-13 15:23:00

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