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NEM Foundation Reaches Out to the #NEMcommunity and Proposes Transition from a Promotion-Based to a Product-Based Organisation

The NEM Foundation has notified the community regarding the ‘state of things’ at the NEM foundation and replied to the numerous concerns of the community. The NEM Secretariat Office has elaborately explained the situation the new management, under Foundation President Alexandra Tinsman, is facing, with their future plans and clarifications. The NEM foundation releases the announcement one day post their bankruptcy rumor to clear the air of doubts for the NEM community and their employees.

They have applied for new funding with a Venture Capitalist and are expecting increased liquidity in a month. Furthermore, the response was a mix of sweet and salt served on a reality platter. They confirmed the layoffs, though asserted that hope is still there and everything will be back on track.

Questions Regarding Community Funding of $7.5 million

The NEM Secretariat Office notified the community that it would not be utilizing the community fund it has assigned previously for specific…

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2019-02-02 19:19:44

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